What is online dog training?

The concept is simple – nearly all relevant dog training occurs in your home or when out on walks – not in a dog training class. And what could be more comfortable than you teaching your dog with an online dog training course?

While going to a local class can be great, not everyone can reach a branch of the Clever Dog Company or has time to attend classes as regularly as they should.

Learning to teach your own dog with online dog training has major benefits: you know your dog better than anyone, and can work at your own pace, when and where you choose. With Sarah’s online course you can train your own dog simply and successfully, making sure that the training is done where it matters most.

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The Online Dog Training course contents: all this in only four weeks!

  • Teaching your dog to pay attention to you, indoors and out.
  • Teaching your dog to sit on command
  • Teaching your dog to lie down on command
  • Doggie press-ups!
  • How to stop your dog from jumping up
  • Teaching your dog to stand on command
  • Sit, down, stand sequences
  • Teaching your dog to sit stay
  • Teaching your dog to down stay
  • Train your dog to wait at doorways
  • Training your dog to come when called
  • Teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead
  • How to play with your dog
  • Teaching your dog to leave food on command
  • Teaching your dog to be handled all over
  • Teaching your dog to rollover!
  • Teaching your dog to give a paw!
  • End of course test. Take our five-minute test and rate your clever dog’s progress!

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How does it work? 

When you sign up for the TrainYourDogOnline course, you will be sent an email allowing you to choose a unique Username and Password. Using these details, you can then have IMMEDIATE access to the course, via the online videos and course notes.

If you are based in the UK, you can also order a FREE clicker to arrive in the post!*

The online dog training course is designed to be taken over a four-week period. However, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of dog training, and so we give you 12 months to work through the lessons.


*Sorry, clicker not available with Groupon or Wowcher offers

Exceptional results using the most modern, kind methods

Old fashioned training methods are long-gone! No more shouting, dragging the dog round a hall or yanking it on a choke chain!

Today's methods are kind, gentle, and fast - you'll be amazed at what your dog can achieve in just four weeks.

Unlock your dog's genius today!

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