Online Dog Training

Teach your dog in the comfort of your own home with Sarah’s online dog training course.

What are the benefits to you and your dog?

All dogs need training! A trained dog is allowed more freedom, is more likely to accompany you out and about and will be welcome by your friends and relatives as a part of your family. Without training, dogs bark, dig, jump up, run off, chew, steal, and create havoc… the dog is then blamed for being naughty or ‘dominant’ when really it’s just acting like a dog.

Included in the course, I will show you how to:

  • Teach your dog to pay attention to you – inside and outside
  • Train your dog to sit – and stay sitting – when you ask
  • Teach your dog to lie down on cue, and stay
  • Stop your dog from jumping up at visitors
  • Teach your dog to walk politely, without pulling, on the lead
  • Train your dog to leave food on command

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The benefits: what will I gain from enrolling in the train your dog online course?

Sarah’s online dog training course is designed to take you quickly from one step to another in training your dog. The methods are kind and ethical, the results are exceptionally fast, and they stick.

Sarah’s methods are suitable for all dogs, no matter what breed, type, shape, size or age. Puppies and re-homed dogs respond brilliantly to the gentle, consistent techniques. You’ll be amazed at what your dog can achieve in just four weeks.

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The concept is simple – nearly all relevant dog training occurs in your home or when out on walks – not in a dog training class. While going to a local class can be great for some, the essential component of training is that you – the owner – learn how to train your own dog in your own home.

This has major benefits: You know your dog better than anyone. You know what he likes and dislikes and can focus on the areas of training that you need most. You can work at your own pace, when and where you choose, and train your own dog simply and successfully, building your relationship and bond with him along the way. It’s like having a professional trainer in your own home.

Unlock your dog’s genius today!
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Key benefits of online training:

Fast results that last

Easy, fun methods that your dog will love

Train where your dog is comfortable. No stress!

Train when it's convenient for you - spend 2 minutes or 20, it's up to you

Train in the environment where it counts - your home

Get 'mind control' using kind methods:

Trained dogs get more freedom and exercise!

You'll have a dog to be proud of!

Build a bond with your dog that will last a lifetime

Buy the course now for only £39.95