Welcome to Train Your Dog Online

Sarah Whitehead’s Clever Dog Company ‘Train Your Dog Online’ course is a new concept in kind, fair and effective dog training. In only four weeks you will discover just how easy it is to train your own dog in the comfort of your living room. OK, so we might ask you to venture into the kitchen or the garden once in a while, but essentially, this training programme is designed for those who want quick, easy and long-lasting results while having some fun along the way!

Sarah’s methods are suitable for all dogs, no matter what breed, type, shape, size or age – and you’ll see just how much they love to learn. All the family can get involved in training too – whether you are eight or 80, have had a lifetime with dogs or are a new owner, the methods are for you.

  • Perfect for puppies!
  • Great for building confidence in rescue dogs

Online dog training works very simply. Once you have signed up, you will be sent video tutorial lessons designed to be followed for four weeks which you access through the website.

The course will teach you how to train your dog:

The format of each lesson is based on professionally-filmed video footage, plus written material with clear photographs, so you can see exactly what to do and how to do it. The methods are up-to-the minute and are kind, gentle and fun. No choke chains, no force, no military-type drills, just simple, ethical and effective training.





Just imagine...

Controlling your dog with one, quiet command.

Your dog listening to you, and wanting to please.

Impressing your friends and family with just how clever he is.....

We all want our dogs to be model canine citizens, but they aren't just born this way...it's up to us to train them.

Whether you own a puppy or an adult dog, it's never too early or too late to start training, and you will quickly see the benefits.

What makes Sarah's training different?

Other training methods are based on domination, slow, boring repetition, or harsh punishments which can ruin your relationship with your dog.

Sarah's methods are based on motivating your dog to want to do what you ask.

They are quick, easy, gentle and kind - and based on proven scientific principles that work!

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